About Me

For the last decade I've worked as a refrigeration mechanic. Although this is a great job, it isn't something that inspired me as a career. After some time, I began looking for another path to follow. I needed to find something that inspired me; something I would do for free but would love to get paid for.

The answer was right there in front of me the whole time. I love to draw and create digital graphics. I have been doing this for years and years using various programs and teaching myself how to use them as I went. I was always drawing for free and during my spare time because it was something I enjoyed. For a very long time, it never occurred to me that I could be doing this as a career.

I then began looking for ways to start drawing for other people. I entered many contests held by people on steemit.com, I did a lot of pro Bono work for people looking for logos and graphics on Simbi.com, and eventually, I was contacted to do some paid commission drawings on artistsnclients.com.

This eventually led me to taking the graphic design course through PCDI. It helped me fill in the gaps for some crucial information that I've overlooked along the way of teaching myself. With this newly acquired knowledge, I'm looking forward to see where this graphic design adventure can lead me.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio.